Welcome to Nature’s Whisper Massage

Welcome to Nature’s Whisper Massage

Therapeutic Massages in Kaysville, UT 84037

Nature’s Whisper Massage specializes in therapeutic massages designed to reduce tension, alleviate pain, improve range of motion and promote overall well-being. Our staff has experience in helping accident victims, athletes, children, and assisting in the release of stress caused from everyday life.

Here at Nature’s Whisper Massage, we understand the great value that comes to the body through therapeutic massage, knowing that massage has the potential to affect and heal every system in our bodies. We use a variety of techniques and tailor all of our treatment plans to each client’s individual needs.

Because our massages are so focused and client-centered, we are able to create a long-term change to a client’s muscles, reducing their continual pain and discomfort. We have the ability to improve one’s quality of life through our massages. Our therapists continue their education in order to have the tools necessary to help our clients heal.

The name Nature’s Whisper Massage comes from how therapeutic nature can be as a part of daily healing. We bring the healing aspects of nature into our business through nature sounds and colors.

Our History



Nature’s Whisper Massage started with a mother, a daughter and a dream. Our founder, Amanda, discovered early on she had a talent for massage therapy. She also came to know and appreciate how much massage and physical touch can benefit the human body. Following graduation, Amanda realized massage therapy’s ability to release one’s muscles and alleviate pressure on the skeletal system, while most just saw it as a form of relaxation. Together with her mom, Amanda started a business where people can go to address this problem.

Officially established in 2014, Nature’s Whisper Massage was first run out of Amanda’s home. We are now in a beautiful, relaxing building and have a full team of massage therapists and support staff.

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