Massage Helps Children with Autism

A Quick Look at Autism

Autism has a wide range of diagnoses. Experts now believe that Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability triggered by complex neurodevelopment disorders – or abnormalities in brain structure and function. The structure appears to block, distort or disorganize sensory information, which is called Sensory Processing Disorder. For now, there is no known cure.

But… Massage Helps

There are many ways to help children with ASD to manage and control symptoms. Some therapies include speech therapy, occupational therapy and massage therapy. The common belief that children with ASD oppose touch, is false. Knowing and understanding how touch affects the child is the key. The Massage Therapist needs to go with the flow and the needs of the child.

How Does Massage Help?

Touch is the most important aspect of the treatment. Massage promotes relaxation in the body, which provides many perks. The relaxation will combat fatigue, anxiety, lowers blood pressure and heart rate. It also improves energy levels, sleep, creative ability and thinking processes. It also helps reduce their stress and calms muscle spasms. After a relaxing massage, children with ASD have shown more focus and are less high strung. A big important factor is patience. All of these great benefits take time, and sometimes big changes aren’t always shown in the beginning, so don’t give up!

Parents Can Massage too!

It’s not just the Massage Therapist that should be massaging, it should also be the parents. Massage Therapists can teach simple techniques to help the parents manage symptoms. This will help balance and manage day to day life. But it’s not just to help parents calm the child, it also creates a bond.

Types of Massage

There are several types of massages that can help ASD. Craniosacral, which is a more energetic massage with a series of holds. Therapeutic, focuses more on specific parts of the body, and Thai, which is a series of stretches. All this combined, compliment the treatments of western medicine. Massage is a great homeopathic tool to help give a natural way for managing symptoms.

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Stay healthy!

Karlee, LMT

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