Does Food Affect Your Muscles?

Does Food Affect Your Muscles?

We all know that what you put in your body, definitely contributes what you get out of it. Even children learn the difference between healthy foods, and junk foods. We know that food affects stamina, weight, etc. The food choices you make even affect your vital organs, including: heart, digestive organs, and brain…just to name a few. So it would go without saying that food affects your muscles, right? But how can we know what foods to eat, and which ones to avoid? How can food & muscles work together for your benefit?

Toxins in the Muscles

During massage, toxins are released from your muscles. But, how do these toxins get there in the first place? There are several answers to this question. Including: Air, Water, Food, Drugs and tobacco, Household and personal care products, stress and negative emotions. Let’s talk about the toxins that are brought in by food.

Non- Friendly Foods for Muscles

We all know there are foods that we shouldn’t eat…they are normally the ones we crave and usually taste the best. In all honesty, sometimes the passion of dieting can come down to opinion over fact. But there are basic guidelines to follow to help your muscles feel their best.
     #1: Reduce Processed Foods: Foods that come in a can, or prepackaged box/bag often contain preservatives and artificial ingredients. Consider foods with natural and organic food sources.
     #2: Beware of sugar & artificial sweeteners: Reduce the amount of sweets in your diet and look for natural sources of sugar…like fruit!
     #3: Locally grown fruits & veggies: These are a good choice to ensure good quality nutrition. Great for meals and snacking!
     #4: Remember all things in moderation: We do not recommend extreme dieting. We recommend a balanced diet, and to watch what you put into your body.

Do Your Homework!

Know your food! Know what is best for your body. We are all so different, inside & out. Your body can feel better, and perform without pain holding you back. Share some of your diet expertise! What works for you, and what doesn’t? Have you mastered the relationship of food & muscles for yourself? And remember, toxin build up in the muscles is normal; regardless of what the source is. Schedule regular massage to get those toxins out of your muscles, and start feeling better!

Where Did It All Begin?

Our Back Story

Where it All Began

Nature’s Whisper Massage was founded in February 2012 by the mother/daughter team of Amanda Stinger and Rebecca Sanborn. Together they developed a business that for years has strived to fulfill the communities need of healing. Nature’s Whisper Massage had its modest start in the front room of their house, and since its growth, they have moved their business to Kaysville, Utah. And now here we are, but the business continues to grow each year, allowing us to better reach the community by adding new members to our massage therapy team. It’s true that our back story led us to where we are today.

Our Name

The name Nature’s Whisper Massage comes from how therapeutic nature can be as a part of daily healing. Nature can help reduce stress, lower anxiety, and also improve blood pressure. We bring aspects of nature into our business through nature sounds and colors. We embrace our name in every way and the healing power of nature.

The Owners

Amanda graduated from Broadview University in 2011 with her associates in Massage Therapy. She then worked as a massage therapist for four years before starting her own business with her mom, Rebecca. Amanda has professional experience with chiropractors, physical therapists, and other massage therapists. She saw a great need for deeper and more focused massage work. “Massage has the ability to heal the body, but it is nearly impossible to find a massage therapist that could find and actually fix and improve the problem.” Until now.

What We do Today

Our massages are more focused on the specific needs of the client. We work tirelessly to do all within our power to bring the body to better balance. Our therapists work each year on continuing their education in a variety of techniques to better be able to serve our clients. Our massage therapy team has the ability to find the areas of tension in the body, and to release them. We also work to educate our clients on self-care to promote long term change in the body. Our business is focused on helping our clients and even as our business continues to grow, we will always keep that focus.

Massage For Kids

Child Massage, It’s a Thing

Why Kids?

It’s common knowledge that adults get and love massages, but what about children? Massage for kids is great, but not many people know how beneficial it can be for a child to get a massage. Not just teenagers, but infants as well. Kids, just like adults, get stress and muscle aches. By getting a massage, it helps their performance in school and sports, while also decreasing anxiety and depression.

Headaches, that’s Why

One of my clients was talking to me about her son, eight years of age, who suffers with severe headaches from a trampoline accident. He landed on the back of his neck. Ouch! The headaches would get so bad, that he would have to be checked out from school. After working with her son for a few weeks, the pain and the headaches were completely gone.  And I had the joy of getting to know him.

Craniosacral and Kids

Another amazing type of massage for children (and great for adults) is called Craniosacral. This technique is also great with autism. By grounding and calming the child, it can help with their communication and sleep. I have had an experience while doing a Craniosacral on a boy who felt as if he could never relax and fall asleep. He fell asleep during the massage and woke up with a smile and told me he felt good. It made my heart fill up with being able to help him.

Teenagers get Stressed!

I also work on teenagers quite a bit. Not just because of sports, (which is what I see the most) but stress as well. We as adults often forget that teenagers, as well as small children, get stress. Stress wreaks havoc on the muscles, causing them to tighten and knots to form creating headaches. A time that is most beneficial for teenagers to get a massage is before finals. Not having to constantly feel so tight, helps them focus easier, which in turn, will give them a better grade.

Infant Massage

Infant massage is another type that isn’t well known. There is so much we can do to help our infants. My colleague had an experience of helping a two-month-old with a cold. She did Lymphatic drainage to clear her sinuses. I have a son, and when he was a baby he would get an upset tummy. After I would do abdominal massage, to relieve gas pains, it would be a night and day difference. He was my happy boy once again.

Infant massage is also an amazing way to bond with your baby. I have suggested that dads should massage their infants, but also adopting parents as well. Adopting is amazing and beautiful, but some parents have told me they have trouble bonding. The techniques of infant massage helped both baby and parents bond. And the infants thrive because of the healing touch.

What’s my Favorite?

One of my favorite things about working with kids, is not just helping their bodies as they grow, it’s the stories that they will tell me. One of my favorite moments was when a little girl told me that her mom wasn’t late because of traffic, but because she had to do her hair. These kids will make me laugh all throughout the massage. I can’t express, how much joy it is to work with them.

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them!

Stay healthy!

-Karlee Boston, LMT

Behind the Scenes: The Work of a Receptionist

Behind the Scenes

My name is Haley and I am a receptionist at Nature’s Whisper Massage. As a receptionist I see everything that goes on here, from folding sheets, setting tables, to clients falling asleep on the couch. There is always something going on here that makes the day exciting. Here is our business from a receptionist’s point of view…let’s take a look behind the scenes.

Start of the Day

I arrive at the crack of dawn, 8:30AM. Then, I start making the building all homey. I turn on the lights, the music, and sometimes the heat. Now that the building is awake, I get it smelling nice. We use essential oils in our diffusers which occupy each room. Each day has a new aroma and new benefit. From energy boost to zen to rejuvenation. But my favorite is the peaceful blend.

Keeping it Going

As each therapist finishes their massage, it is my responsibility to check out and reschedule each and every client. This is my opportunity to get to know our wonderful clients. Then after they leave, I proceed to change the sheets and prepare the room for the next client. While the therapists are busy healing our clients, I get to do laundry. So much laundry. I also keep everything stocked and organized, especially the candy bowl.

To Each Their Own

Each receptionist is given special tasks to keep the business functioning. I personally am responsible for sending out thank cards to our clients who continue to be loyal to us. I am also in charge of creating our signage for our monthly specials and tips, which you can check out on our Facebook page. This is my absolute favorite task. Our other receptionists are tasked with inventory, sending out birthday texts, and cleaning all the door knobs. Go cleanliness!

At the End of the Day…

I do everything in reverse. I make sure all the rooms are ready for the next day to come. Then, I encourage the therapists to finish their client notes.  I turn off all the diffusers, towel caddy, music, and lastly the lights. The quiet and dark building then waits until the next day where it all begins again. And now you know Nature’s Whisper Massage’s need for us receptionists!

Fibromyalgia & Massage

Fibromyalgia & Massage

The thought of touch can cause anxiety to someone with fibromyalgia. However, studies are showing that fibromyalgia & massage can be more closely connected than you thought. How can massage benefit those who suffer with this syndrome? Is there a certain type of massage that is more beneficial to reduce the chronic pain? We know you have questions, and we have the answers!

What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia syndrome affects the muscles and soft tissue. Symptoms include chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep problems, and painful tender points or trigger points. These symptoms can be relieved through medications, lifestyle changes, and stress management. This condition brings chronic pain that can’t be cured, only managed.

How can massage help?

Massage therapists trained in managing fibromyalgia, can be a person’s greatest ally. Light massage is typically used, and increased gradually over time. This reduces the inflammation around trigger points. This in turn, reduces pain throughout the body. It is recommended, that people who suffer with fibromyalgia, receive regular massages to maintain the progress. Since this condition has no cure, maintenance is key to reducing pain. One key point in helping those with fibromyalgia, is getting nightly deep sleep. This can be difficult as discomfort can prevent this from happening, and waking up tired is common. The goal is to keep the body comfortable and relaxed enough to sleep restfully at night. This can help with other symptoms during the day.

Trigger Point Therapy

When a massage therapist is trained in trigger point therapy, they have knowledge and understanding of the trigger points in the body. These painful trigger points can be deactivated using finger pressure. Once the points are found, and appropriate pressure is added, often discomfort is reduced and good outcomes are found.

Speak Up!

Remember the key to success in ANY massage is communication. You know best what your body needs. By talking to your massage therapist about your symptoms and pain, they can more easily bring relief and help to manage the discomfort. Make your first step on the road to living with less pain, schedule a massage today!



Why Drink Water?

Why Drink Water…

Isn’t It Obvious…?

Why drink water? We all know that we should drink a lot of water. It is something we are taught from a very young age as we need water to live. It helps keep our organs functioning and our muscles hydrated. Sometimes we need to take water in more than normal. When you exercise or when it’s hot outside are two of the largest reasons that your body needs more water. Not many people know that after having a massage your body also needs extra water.

Water After Massage

When a massage therapist starts going deep into those muscles they start releasing bad toxins from your muscles that end up in the blood stream. This is great for the muscles as it helps them heal faster to get these toxins out. But, then where do those toxins go after they are in the blood stream? They go into the organs like the kidneys, liver, pancreas etc. If you drink a lot of water after having a massage it helps those toxins flush from the body and organs faster, leading to a quicker recovery and a better result from your massage.

Don’t Forget!

We learn that it is important to listen to our doctor on important matters when it comes to our body, we should also make sure we are listening to our massage therapist when they tell us to drink a lot of water. They have learned how it benefits from your massage and how it helps your body to recover.  Most clinics or spas will offer you complimentary water at the end of your massage to help ensure that those toxins are being flushed out. So, listen to your therapist and be sure to drink a lot of water after you have a massage.

You Are Only Hurting Yourself…

You Are Only Hurting Yourself…

Take it From Someone Who Does it too..

I am someone who every day does things to my muscles that make my therapist co-workers cringe. My muscles are stretched too far. I stretch them in ways that are not normal to the body. I do a lot of hanging from various apparatuses from the ceiling whether it be silks, hoops, or hammocks. Plus, I also do some contortion work. Now you may not do these things, but you can still be doing things during the day that are hurting your body or muscles. Let’s talk about how you could be hurting yourself, and things that can help.

How are we Hurting Ourselves Each Day?

I’m so glad you asked! The number one thing I’ve noticed is bad posture. This trains the muscles to sit in a way that they were not made to sit. It causes more tension on other muscles because they are overcompensating for your chosen posture. So, make sure that when you are sitting in a long meeting or at the computer studying; to sit up straight and roll those shoulders back.

Another way is just normal gym work out. The stuff I mentioned above is extreme. But, you can take your body to those extremes at the gym as well, by lifting weights or running on a treadmill. You need to make sure your form is proper and that you are doing only what your body can handle. The causes of soreness are from your muscles being pushed to their limits (sometimes even being damaged by going past your body’s limit). By starting slow, your body and muscles will rebuild themselves to be stronger and adapt to the new limits you are setting for them.

Again, these are only a couple of the more major ways people are hurting their muscles every day. Any activity we do each day will affect our body and muscles. We need to take special care on our part so that it does not effect our body’s in a negative way.

Stop the Hurt with Massage

When you massage a muscle, it is going to release lactic acid build up that is there and one of the reasons for your sore muscles. By massaging the muscles, it is going to release that lactic acid and help the stiffness and soreness. It also helps bring blood flow to the muscles which will help them heal from the minor tears and rips that they have experienced from either bad posture, working out, etc.

Depression & Massage

Depression & Massage

What is Depression?

In one of our last blogs we talked about anxiety, and how it felt. Now, let’s do the same with depression. It’s important to be able to identify the signs in yourself if you are worried about it. The range varies from person to person. But, it is a sadness so deep that you feel like you are in a hole. You don’t have an appetite, you can’t get out of bed, not that you don’t want to, but physically your body and mind won’t let you. It has been described as not feeling like yourself, or as you WANT to feel. You want to isolate yourself and feel like no one cares. There are many medical treatments that can help this and one great way, may surprise you…therapeutic massage. Let’s get into how these are related…depression & massage.

How it Works

It goes back to the body chemicals, same as we discussed with anxiety. Massaging the body muscles help release serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals help stabilize the body and mind. By releasing these chemicals, they can work together to help boost your mood, and drain those toxic chemicals from your system. Studies have shown that massage also helps depression by reducing pain. If you are not at your full potential because of any kind of pain, especially chronic pain, this can also cause depression. So, by getting a massage and starting the healing process is a great way to start getting back to normal; and can give a person a sense of self worth again. Massage therapists are also great listeners. Sometimes just talking to a willing ear helps as well.

Don’t Suffer Alone

If you are suffering from depression, whether it is clinical, situational, or seasonal depression, don’t go through it alone. Do some good to your body and a massage. Get those muscles and your body feeling better. Talk your therapist’ s ear off, even cry, if you need to. Just please don’t go through it alone. Find the healing for your body & mind, inside and out.

Pregnancy & Massage

Pregnancy & Massage

Feeling Pregnant?

Whether you are 6 weeks, 4 months, or past due on your pregnancy, I know how it is to “feel” pregnant. I have 3 kids, and know all about the roller coaster of pregnancy. Pregnancy comes with back pain, sleepless nights, sickness, and changes to your body that chances are… you weren’t warned about or prepared for. My first 2 pregnancies were quite similar, however, my third was different…here’s why…

All Because of Headaches

During my 2-3 month of pregnancy with my 3rd child, I started having terrible headaches. They woke me up at night, I felt like I had them all the time. I saw doctors, took medicine, and even visited the ER. I was desperate for relief. An x-ray showed the my bones in my c-spine (neck) were straightening. So, I started coming in to get therapeutic massages for my neck and head. It was AMAZING! After a few visits, my head started to feel SO much better! My massage therapist recommended I continue to come in during my pregnancy as there were several benefits. I can’t argue with that, so I kept coming each week during the remainder of my pregnancy. That was the best decision EVER!

Results Before & After

When I got massages each week it was wonderful. It was a chance for me to step away from my other 2 young children. It was a chance to relax, to heal the parts of me that felt like they were breaking, and to do something good for me. Plus, after each massage, I felt better! But, even more amazing than the results I received during each massage, were the results I experienced during labor & postpartum.  My labor was significantly shorter and baby got here faster. Plus, I was riding a bike 4 weeks after having a baby! I healed so much faster and felt SO much better, than after my first 2 babies. I could not believe the difference.

I am a believer!

I cannot recommend it more, for every pregnant mom to get regular pregnancy massages. It is worth the time, the money, and the effort. It will pay off, and your body with thank you!



Anxiety & Massage

Anxiety & Massage

What Is Anxiety?

Have you ever had a panic attack? You feel as though you can’t breathe, your heart is racing, and you may have chest pains. Or you may feel that people are talking bad about you, or are out to get you. You may experience sudden bouts of anger or sadness. You’re too scared to do anything in fear of doing it wrong. This is a generalized overview, and it varies from person to person. Some may experience anxiety much worse and others less. I know this first hand. If has made my life difficult in jobs, in keeping friends etc. I along with many others have been put on medications that act as a tranquilizer to help calm you down and focus. The problem here is many times these can put you to sleep for several hours. As a working person this can’t happen.

How can Massage help?

When I got hired on here at Nature’s Whisper Massage I talked to our therapist Karlee about my anxiety and she convinced me to try massage for it and here are my findings. I almost immediately was able to calm down and relax. The aromatherapy helped to bring that immediate feeling. Then Karlee started massaging. The calm feeling was overwhelming. I realized how much my anxiety had caused my muscles to tense up and by having these released was helping pain and pain is a going to cause you anxiety because you are uncomfortable. It’s a whole chain of effects.

Massage has also been scientifically proven to reduce the levels of cortisol which lead to stress and feeling anxious. It also gets in the way of healing wounds and injuries so by reducing yet more pain it is helping to alleviate your anxiety. It also reduces the chemicals that cause the fight or flight reaction in your body.

Want to Stop Worrying? 

It doesn’t have to be clinically diagnosed anxiety for massage to help. It can be a situation at home or at school that is causing you to have anxiety. So do yourself a favor, and come on in and try massage to help relax your mind and body.