Massage for Minors?

Massage For Minors?

Why would a child or teen need a massage? You would think that children don’t need massages…they don’t have stress, right? What could they have to relax from? Let’s talk about the benefits that minors receive from massage.

Massage Benefits for Minors?

Teens and children have growing and energetic bodies, but they also benefits from massage emotionally. Kids & teens are often very active, and as a result their muscles tighten and create trigger points (knots). Massage increases circulation and promotes healthy muscles and growth. Massage also boosts endorphins (happy boost), this can help with anxiety & depression that faces many young people. 

Client Experience

I had a client come in with her eight year old son, not knowing what to do. He hurt himself while playing around with friends, and was having constant headaches with extreme back pain. His mom had to check out of school as a result. He couldn’t do normal actives he enjoyed. His sleep suffered, and school studies decreased. I started working on the child’s back, helping the muscles that surrounded the spine to no longer pull his hips. This got rid of the intense lower back pain. I then worked on his neck and shoulders, and got rid of his headaches. He was back to his regular activities in just five weeks! He was able to sit through school, run with friends, play sports…the sky was the limit!

Play Hard, Heal Smart

But it’s not just playing  that can lead to injury, it can also be playing sports or musical instruments. Let’s take baseball as an example; throwing the ball can shorten the muscles, causing aches and pains in the child’s elbows and shoulders. Or running around the field, can cause lower back and hip pain. Not only can massage help to heal the body after injury or pain, it can PREVENT it from happening in the first place. 

Now let’s talk about why massages for kids who play instruments is beneficial.  Let’s look at a child who play the flute; the arms are in one static position, with little rest and decreased blood flow. Creating not just neck and shoulder pain, which includes headaches, but it will also create lower back pain as they have to sit up in a constant straight up position. But it’s not just the flute, it can be any instrument, like the violin and the piano. Practicing and performing for hours each week, leads to tension and pain. Massage can help the muscles learn to perform better in these situations. 

All in all, it’s healthy for minors to receive massage regularly, whether its maintenance and preventative, or it’s to solve muscular tension.

-Karlee Boston, LMT

Sore After Massage?

Sore After Massage?

When you think of a massage, I bet you think of relaxation, soft touch, and cucumbers on your eyes. Right? While this can be true in some places, it

isn’t with us. Many of our clients experience sore muscles in the day(s) following their massage? Which leads to the question, who would sign up to be sore after massage?

Working Out Muscles

Think of how you feel after you work out at the gym. Are you sore the next day? Why is that? Working out stimulates your muscles to change, to become leaner and stronger.

It is the same with therapeutic massage. This type of massage stimulates changes in your muscles. It forces out the waste that builds in your body. It trains your muscles to move back to the areas they belong, and to loosen so they can function as they are designed to. Most of the soreness comes when the deeper muscles are worked. When the surface muscles have been worked, the therapists can move down to muscles lying under the surface. These muscles may not be used to touch, let alone deep massage.

Is it worth it?

Yes! Often we don’t realize how our bodies COULD be working. We don’t register the pain we feel, or appreciate the joy we could feel when it is not there any more. So while I can understand being hesitant to schedule a massage, when you know you are going to feel it tomorrow…I also know that the pain means by body is healing. It is GOOD PAIN! It is important to drink lots of water immediately following a massage, and continue to do so for the next day or two. This will rehydrate your muslces and ease the effects. Take it easy after your massage. Go home, relax and just allow your body to find its balance naturally. Like exercise, make therapeutic massage a habit in your life. And if you wake up the next morning a little sore, it’s probably because you had a really good massage.

Why I DON’T Work at a Spa

Why I DON’T Work at a Spa…

There is nothing wrong with a good spa massage, to be able to relax while someone works on those tense muscles is amazing. Although spa massage is great, it’s not for me, and here’s why I DON’T work at a spa…

Fixing Problems at the SOURCE

I enjoy, and take pride, in physically changing a muscle that is contracted and wound up. Getting rid of knots and long- term relief, are a few reasons why I LOVE my job. That is something that spa massage doesn’t give. I love setting up a treatment plan and working with my clients to meet their health goals. My favorite moment is when one of my clients comes in and says “Karlee! I haven’t had a headache in the past three weeks!” When originally this client had constant migraines and headaches every day.

The ability to help someone who is in pain and suffering daily is what I live for. Therapeutic massage is all about what I can do for my clients, and how can I change their daily lives. How can I help them walk, or sit, without pain? It’s like a puzzle that I get to solve.  Sometimes I feel like a detective, listening to and feeling their muscles tell me what the problem could be, and solving the it by working specific areas, muscles and tendons.

Let’s Talk About YOU!

Another reason I chose Therapeutic massage, is to get to know my clients. Typically, a spa massage is less personal. There is not a lot of communication, and that is fine for that field. However, because therapeutic massage has treatment plans (not only is it a plan for the muscles, but a timeline for best & fastest path to healing) most of my clients talk. I get to know about their families, their day to day lives, how their day has been, and some of the stress that they are under. Opening up and talking while getting a massage is very beneficial. It allows the client to accept the stress in their life and release it. I believe that forming a true relationship between therapist and client, builds the trust needed to bring healing. It’s just another way that I can help my client.

My joy, and my life, is based around helping others, and that is why I don’t work at a spa.



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Client Testimonial- Massage is my game changer

Client Testimonial- Adrienne

This is the story of why massage is MY game changer. I started coming to see Karlee in the summer of 2017. I had hurt my back and wanted to fix the problem, not mask the problem with pain meds.  Karlee was able to help get me back on my feet.

Let’s tackle a long term problem!

I continue to go see Karlee for therapeutic massage because I have several problem areas and we are working on a goal! My situation may be unique. I had a lot of swelling with my first pregnancy 11 years ago, the fluid got trapped in my lymphatic system and stayed.  No doctor, or anyone else, could ever tell me what to do for the constant swelling in my legs and feet.  My legs and feet have hurt for many years, and I had given up on seeing ankles again.  Honestly, it was embarrassing to wear shorts and have people see my legs and ankles. I asked Karlee about it while she was working on my back. She said she could help! This was something that I was really exciting to hear. I had been searching for relief for YEARS. I started to believe that this was just what it was and there was nothing I could do about it. Then, Karlee gave me hope!  As she started on my legs and ankles, she had to work very slowly because they were so swollen. One day I came in and told her my legs had been feeling so heavy, I was really frustrated.  My legs were so heavy, they felt like they each weighed 100 pounds.  It took all of my effort to make it through the day. I could only do basic tasks.  It drained me!  That day she worked very aggressively on my legs and was able to move the blocked fluid out of my legs and the heavy feeling went away and hasn’t returned. It was truly a blessing for me.  I have six kids to chase around and I can’t afford to be kept down.

Massage is my game changer!

For me therapeutic massage is my game changer.  Without Karlee’s expert knowledge and care I would not be able to live my life like I want and need to.  I know that I have a long way to go to get out all of the fluid that is  suck in my legs, ankles and feet, but I am confident that in the end all of the pain and hard work will be worth it.  I would highly recommend trying Therapeutic massage.

 – Adrienne Nelson 

What to Expect on Your 1st Visit

What to Expect on Your 1st Visit

Life is full on new experiences, and we have realized that you are never really done having “firsts” in life. We also know that life doesn’t often give you a book on how to get through these new tasks. But, we are here to break the rules! Let us tell you what to look forward to on your 1st visit to Nature’s Whisper Massage…

#1: Nerves

It is normal to be nervous on your first visit. Many of our clients have not had a massage before, and truly feel unsure of what questions to ask or what to do. The first thing to do is RELAX! We are here to help make you as calm and comfortable as possible. We will do all we can to help you leave feeling better than when you came!

#2: A Few Forms…

Another thing life teaches us, is that is often comes with paperwork. This is no different for us. We have you fill out a form, so we can better understand your body’s needs. This form communicates to us all we need to know, to help you get back to being your best self! We ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your first appointment to complete this form.

#3: Entering Massage Room

When your paperwork is complete, your therapist will introduce themselves to you. You will be taken back to your private massage room. The therapist will talk to you about your individual situation. You will be asked to undress as you feel comfortable and lie under the sheet and blanket provided. When you are ready the therapist will return and begin your massage.

#4: Focused Massage

We specialize in Therapeutic Massage. This means that we FOCUS on area(s) of your body that are causing pain, discomfort, loss of motion, etc. Our goal is to work the muscles in these areas to improve your quality of life. During this time, your therapist will also discuss a treatment plan that is designed for you.

#5: Check Out

After your massage, you will dress and return to the front desk. You will be asked if you would like to schedule another appointment. We recommend booking appointments, at least a week in advance to get the day/time that you desire. You will also pay for your massage at this time.

That’s it! We are here for any questions or concerns that you have along the way. Remember, we are here to help you feel comfortable and aid you on the road to feeling your best!

Why I Chose Massage Therapy

Why Massage Therapy?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I became a Massage Therapist, and the simple answer is my love of helping people. I find one of the best ways to help a person better their life is through by helping their body to feel better. When a person is in pain, they are usually irritable and grumpy as a result. I can’t blame them. They are unable to have the freedom of doing what it is they would like to do.

Pain Slows Life…

I’ve many clients that come in who are runners, they have had to pull back because of the muscular discomfort they are feeling, which is frustrating to them. All they would like to do is go out and have a nice run, without the pain that is accompanying them. The joy I get from helping these clients go back to an activity they love, warms my heart. But it’s not just athletes that I get to work with. I see a lot of other people troubled with pains that can be spread all throughout the body. I love helping to eliminate headaches that debilitate people. Or freeing them of pain that hinders them from walking, or increasing their comfort when they work. Being able to help people for my career is absolutely indescribable.  

Why NOT massage therapy?!

Massage therapy brings such a wide range of options.  Massage therapist can specialize in numerous modalities and specialties. From the relaxing environment of a spa, and the therapeutic field of a clinic, to the exotic waters of a cruise ship! The option to work for a corporation or to work for yourself, is also a great benefit. Massage therapy is a wonderful career that brings fulfillment and enjoyment. I love the flexibility that it provides for my family, while still giving me to great opportunity to help others.

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain, let them know massage is a wonderful way to increase their quality of life.

Stay healthy!

Love, Karlee LMT

Heat vs. Ice

Heat vs. Ice

The ultimate battle of using heat vs. ice to reduce pain can bring some confusion. How can you know which to side to choose? Although this debate can get technical, our goal is to keep it simple. In general, ice is for injuries & heat is for muscle strain, stress, and chronic pain.


Ice can be used on inflamed muscles that are trying to recover. Inflammation is a natural and healthy process…however, it can be painful and slow. Ice is a great way to dull the pain without medications. Ice should be used for 10-15 minutes at a time.


Heat can be great for taking the edge off symptoms like muscle aches and stiffness. Pain often comes with stress and tightness. Heat can help to loosen tight muscles, reduce stress, and bring peace to a worried mind. When the mind is more relaxed, stress is relieved, and with less stress comes less pain. When applying heat, we recommend leaving it on for 15-20 minute intervals.

Heat and Ice DON’TS!

Do not add heat to a new injury, it will cause excess swelling and pain in the area. Remember, ice is for injuries. On the flip side, ice can upset an already tight and stiff muscle. Don’t ice or heat when it is unwanted for your body. This means don’t use ice when your cold, and don’t add heat when you’re already sweaty. This confuses your body, and causes it to feel threatened. When the body feels threatened, it can turn up the pain.

If ice is for injuries, and heat is for muscles…what do you use for injured muscles??? Typically, ice is the answer. However, ice is typically only used for the first few days at most. An injured muscles is classified by a sudden and intense pain during a strenuous activity. This is a good time to heal with ice, then move to heat when the worst is behind you.

The hot & cold sandwich…

If you are recovering from an injury (wait 1 week), we recommend a cool ice sandwich. Apply ice (10 mins), then heat (15 mins), then ice again (10 mins). This helps to heal the area, and reduce inflammation.

If you suffer from chronic pain try a tasty hot sandwich. Apply heat (15 mins), then ice (10 mins), and finish with heat (15 mins). This both treats and relaxes the pain.

Don’t forget about you!

Your preference is an important factor. Your body cares what feels best to you. If ice feels best on a hot summer day, then do it! If you would rather apply heat because it feels better, than go for it! Keep in mind that your body knows what it needs, so don’t forget to listen!

Infrequently asked questions

Infrequently asked questions

We know you have these awkward questions…and we are here with the answers!

Our bodies are strange, and they do strange things during a massage. We thought it would be fun if we put Q & A’s to those questions all of us are too embarrassed to ask.

Q: I have hairy legs, do you get grossed out?

A: No, we don’t. Sometimes we don’t even notice. We use oil that helps us glide along the hair, so we don’t pull it all out. It nothing to be embarrassed about, everyone has hair!

Q: Do people fart?

A: Yes, they do, and it can be quite common when the body gets relaxed.

Q: Is it gross that my feet stink?

A: No, its not gross. If you think about it this way, everyone wears shoes and we can’t control the odors that tend to happen. We are still more than happy to work on feet as long as there are no infections.

Q: Do I take all my clothes off? Or do I keep my underwear on?

A: It’s totally and completely up to you. We always ask for clients to undress to their comfort levels. We do prefer no barriers so we can work on the muscle fully, but we can always work over the sheet. It’s what’s most comfortable for you.

Q: I’m all sweaty from a work out, can I still come in?

A: Yes, you can. We have towels that you can pat yourself down with, if you’re still sweaty. It can also be very beneficial to come in right after a workout because your muscles are warm already warmed up.

And finally…the one we are all wondering about…

Q: Why do I feel embarrassed when it comes to getting a massage?

A: This is a common question, that no one asks. It’s totally normal to feel uncomfortable before a massage. Massage Therapist’s understand the vulnerability of our profession and we do what we can so clients don’t feel uncomfortable. A massage therapist see the body as a group of muscles that need to be worked out, we don’t see things that clients could be embarrassed about, such as acne, hair, weight or anything else that may be embarrassing. Our goal is to help our clients to the best of our abilities. If there are certain things, like glute massage, that makes you nervous, communicate it to your Massage Therapist so they can meet your needs and you enjoy your massage.

If you have any other questions about massage that you would like answered, please comment below! I would love to answer and read your thoughts!

Stay healthy!

What is a focused massage?

What is a focused massage?

A focused massage, or a targeted massage, is a massage that focuses on 1-2 areas of the body, with deeper pressure to target trouble areas. Whereas a full body massage covers the whole body with lighter pressure.

Often, full body massage is used in a spa or relaxation setting. Focused massage is more likely to be used in a therapeutic or clinical setting. At Nature’s Whisper Massage we specialize in therapeutic massage. We target areas of the body that are causing problems, pain, and loss of range of motion. By using slower and stronger pressure, the massage therapist can get to deeper layers of muscle and tissue. This allows for the source of the problem to be found and treated, rather than just relaxation at the surface.

No Pain, no gain…?

We have all heard this saying before. In a focused massage it can be true. There can be discomfort when releasing toxins and tension from muscles that have been there for years. But don’t let this turn you away from massage. The relief that the body feels when that tension is gone is AMAZING! It is easy for a body to compensate for these tight muscles, but when it doesn’t have to any more, the results are undeniable. Getting focused massages regularly, improves the way your body functions.

Focused massages are also great for those who hold all their stress in certain areas. The neck and shoulders are common gathering places for knots and tension to hang out. Regularly working out that tension heals those areas and reduces your stress! Everyone has pain or discomfort at some point. Whether it is neck pain and headaches, leg pain from building running durability, or back pain from a car accident…when massage is used to really target these areas, the benefits are HUGE!

In summary, FOCUS on you! Get those problem areas feeling better, and then you will be singing the praises of a focused massage!

Let’s go shopping…for a massage therapist!

Did you know that every massage therapist is not for EVERYONE?

How can I know which therapist is right for me? This is a very interesting question! The body works in mysterious ways, especially with massage. Different massage therapists use different techniques that may or may not be compatible with every body. Some massage therapists choose a lighter and broader approach, while others like to use a deeper and targeted method, and that is just to name a few. Each technique is useful in different ways. The goal remains the same: to teach muscles proper placement, and heal the body of injury and pain. 

Some clients, such as those with Fibromyalgia, need a lighter and broader approach to not overwhelm their body. Same with clients after a car accident, the techniques used will be lighter so the body doesn’t get injured further as well as flush out the metabolic waste that comes with muscle tension. However,  an athlete would need a completely different approach. Every person is living a different life that is all there own. A good therapist will know what techniques will work best for each individual and circumstance to get the proper results, and the accurate self-care.

Feel free to shop around!

It’s very important to know what your body needs, in order to find a massage therapist that’s compatible with you. This is where “shopping” for a massage therapist comes into play. If you had a bad experience, don’t let it ruin massage for you. It could mean that the therapist you had didn’t work with your body, but there is one who will. As you discover what you are looking for in a therapist, speak up!

Another important part of ensuring that you LOVE your massage therapist is COMMUNICATION! If the pressure is quite right, or you need to readjust to be more comfortable, than say something. Your therapist WANTS to help you, but as awesome as massage therapists are, they cannot read your mind. 

At Nature’s Whisper Massage, we have a range of Massage Therapist’s that understand these different techniques and know how to utilize them for each client and their needs.