The Big 3- Essential Oils

The Big 3- Essential Oils

Beginner Oils

There are 3 essential oils that are considered to be the most frequently used. They are also the easiest to use. These oils are: lemon, lavender, and peppermint. A major part of the reason why these are often considered the beginner oils is the diverse ways in which they can be used. Each of these oils have more uses than I imagined when first learning about essential oils.


This amazing essential oil is both an invigorating and cleansing oil, it is a good oil to smell after a long day for an energy boost. Lemon oil can be used in a diffuser, taken internally, and applied externally. It can also clean up around the house! I enjoy adding a few drops to my water every day to eliminate the toxins in my liver and kidneys, and it tastes great!


Lavender oil is a calming oil, it can be used for sleep issues and allergies. I often diffuse it in my home around bedtime if I am not feeling as sleepy as I should. When my husband is around a dog he gets terrible allergies, so he puts a couple drops in his hands and breathes it in deeply to help relieve his symptoms. Applying a drop to a mosquito bite, relieves the itch! There are so many uses for lavender oil!


Peppermint oil is an amazing help with muscle tension and headaches. I am prone to get headaches, and when I do, peppermint is my best friend. I dilute it with coconut oil and rub it on my temples. If I had not researched the science behind how it works, I would swear it to be witchcraft! Peppermint can also help with sinus issues, and many other great remedies!


Essential oils can assist with a variety of ailments. But remember to research each oil as you use it in a new way, because no oil is a blanket “cure all” and some can even be hazardous if used incorrectly. These oils are just the tip of the iceberg. There are MANY oils, that can be used along, or combined with others. They can truly bring relief and aid to your life. Essential oils are a big part of my everyday life and I hope I gave you a new idea for yours.

DoTerra Essential Oils- The Basics

DoTerra Essential Oils- The Basics

Where To Begin…

The world of Doterra essential oils is a large one, and at times it can be intimidating to decide which to use and where. When used properly Doterra essential oils can be extraordinarily beneficial to your well being as well as those around you. Though intimidating, their application can be described in three main categories: aromatic, topical, and internal.


A simple description of this category is to smell the oils. The easiest way to do this is to open the bottle and breath through your nose. To enhance that method simply put a few drops on your hands, rub them together cup them around your face and breathe. Another common method is to defuse them in your home. A personal favorite method of mine is, during the colder months when everyone is getting sick around me, I put a few drops of On Guard onto a wool dryer ball before drying my sheets and clothes, so everywhere I go my immune system is getting a boost. No matter how they are used, essential oils bring a fantastic aroma to any environment.


This category is applying the oils directly to skin. Personally, I have a great distaste for the smell of ginger but I frequently feel sick so in the morning I will rub it on my feet, put on socks, and I don’t have to deal with the smell while still having the benefits of my oils. Some oils, like peppermint are often too strong for people with sensitive skin, so it is recommended to use a carrier oil when applying directly to the skin. Common carrier oils include fractionated coconut oil or almond oil. You can also add the oils to a bath. Oils go a lot further than you would think and you don’t need to use much to get the benefits. Applying oils to specific areas can help target specific issues and give more specific results.


When you ingest an oil, or take it into your body, this is described as internal usage. Many people add oils to their tea, put oils in a veggie capsule and take them like a vitamin, or add peppermint to a mouthful of water and drink to have clean breath. I love to add a few drops of lemon in my water, it tastes good and it helps clean out toxins. Digestion, health, and general well-being can all be improved with proper internal essential oil usage.

To Sum It All Up…

Essential oils have so many uses and applications. They can assist with a variety of ailments, and there are many personal testimonies describing how they improve people’s lives. Whether they are used aromatically, topically, or internally, each oil has individual benefits. Remember to research each oils benefit and uses, as not every oil can be safely used in each way. Welcome to your own essential oils journey!

There’s an oil for that!

Therapeutic Massage + DoTerra Oils= AWESOME!

Do you struggle with headaches, muscles aches, allergies, sleepless nights, depression, or anxiety? DoTerra oils can help with all of these problems and so many more! You can include Doterra oils as part of your massage for just $2! Oils are also available to purchase in sample sizes or regular bottles to help you at home.

Here are our favorite suggestions:

Use PEPPERMINT on your forehead and behind your neck for headaches

LEMON is great for cleaning and adding flavor to your water!

LAVENDER is great for helping you relax and fall asleep

BALANCE is great for calming and easing anxiety

ORANGE, and CITRUS BLISS are used as “happy” oils to uplift your mood.

When you have sore muscles, rub DEEP BLUE oil or lotion to ease the pain.

How do oils and massage relate? Beautifully! Our therapists know which oils to use to decrease pain and improve the performance of your body. They know where to apply the oils and can make recommendations for you to continue use at home. There are countless other uses for these and so many other oils! Come try them out at your next massage!