Massage for Injury

Massage to Treat an Injury…?


Most people believe that massage for injuries isn’t a great idea, but it is actually very beneficial. Do you understand why? Well, let me explain! Massage is all about relaxing tight muscles and releasing stuck connective tissue that we call fascia (stuck fascia meaning “knots”). When we get knots, it pulls on the connective tissue around it. This causes the muscles to eventually get tight due to resistance in movement.


These facts help show how massage can help an injury. If someone has a knee injury it’s possible the injury occurred because of a tight muscle pulling on the joint. As this person went about his/her normal activities, let’s say soccer, that person is running and suddenly stops to kick the ball. Well, because a certain muscle was pulling more than the others on that joint, it pulls it too far to one side and causes one of his/her ligaments to tear or break because too much strain put upon it.


As this injury is healing that muscle is still pulling because of how tight it is, causing it to heal differently than it normally would if that muscle were relaxed. And this could cause future issues. If this person chooses to get massage, while it heals in the beginning, it would be more of a light touch massage, but still very important because in this stage the massage is called a Lymphatic massage. Lymphatic helps reduce the inflammation and helping the healing process to move along.


The second stage could be Therapeutic or myofascial massage. Myofascial helps to lessen the amount of stuck tissue, and Therapeutic helps lessen stuck tissue as well as get into those muscles causing the imbalance of the body thus helping the injury to heal more efficiently.


If you ask me, getting a massage while the injury is healing is quite a smart idea! It’s reducing pain, helping the healing process and reducing the chance for future issues! I’m sold! Not to mention, you are going to be more relaxed by the time you leave, making the healing process a little easier!

Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch therapy that uses gentle pressure to relieve restrictions and promote healing to the craniosacral system. The craniosacral system is comprised of the bones in the head, spine, face and mouth. It is also the fascia of the body and some of the more delicate membranes and fluids contained in the body. A wide range of application for craniosacral therapy exists because it can be applied to any part of the body and can be used on any age.

How Does it Work?

This type of therapy helps to enhance the body’s own healing abilities, which is called homeostasis. The craniosacral system acts as a hydraulic system, pumping cerebral spinal fluid from the sacrum all the way up to the brain. This hydraulic system feeds and nurtures our delicate nervous system. The therapist taps in and tests for restrictions along with “listening” through their hands for the craniosacral rhythm which encourages and enhances the function of the body. This helps promote healing and relaxation to anywhere on the body!

Craniosacral Therapy encourages your body to enter a REM cycle, similar to the REM cycle we experience as we sleep. The subconscious mind is able to release the tensions and pain that our conscious mind has chosen to ignore. This therapy is very noninvasive, and really just opens the door for your body to heal itself.

What are the Benefits?

Craniosacral Therapy has many benefits and a wide range of use. This modality can help to relieve stress, by allowing your body to relax and heal itself. Craniosacral can alleviate headache pain, concussion injury, and neurological stress. Have you suffered from a past physical or emotional trauma? Craniosacral therapy can help your body to process those emotions and tensions in such a way to relieve all pain.

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

#1: Relaxation

Massages are great. They relax us and help our bodies heal. There are many things that you can use to help you receive a better outcome from your massage. One of these things are hot stones. Hot stone massage is personally my favorite kind of massage (being I’m always cold so having hot stones placed on me helps me warm up) Plus, it feels so nice! I can’t explain the sensation of the warmth and smoothness of the rock combined with the massage gel and the massage therapists’ talents. It helps me relax even deeper.

#2: Circulation & Blood Pressure

Now it isn’t just for relaxation but also has a use for helping the massage have a better outcome. The heat of the stones is going to open the blood vessels and help the blood flow more freely through the body. Getting it to where it needs to go faster. Hot stones can bring a form of natural sedation that can help chronic pain and stress and gain a deeper relaxation.  

A study done in 2010 by David Geffen at the School of Medicine in California, showed that hot stone massage can aid in boosting your immune system. Increased circulation causes toxins to be flushed out, reducing sickness. Doctors took blood samples before and after the session; and saw a decrease in arginine-vasopressin. This is a hormone that helps with water retention, and regulating blood pressure.

How Does it Work?

Hot stones can be beneficial to many areas of the body. It can range any where from the spine, abdomen, toes, and possibly even your face. Your therapist is trained in cooling down the stones to just the right temperature for the different parts of the body. They can use different methods to massage these stones on your body. They might use long strokes, circle motions or even tapping depending on what they are trying to achieve.

Different massage modalities bring different results. Want different results? Talk to your therapist about how a hot stone session could benefit you. Enjoy feeling that deep relaxation that a hot stone massage can bring…

Massage For Kids

Child Massage, It’s a Thing

Why Kids?

It’s common knowledge that adults get and love massages, but what about children? Massage for kids is great, but not many people know how beneficial it can be for a child to get a massage. Not just teenagers, but infants as well. Kids, just like adults, get stress and muscle aches. By getting a massage, it helps their performance in school and sports, while also decreasing anxiety and depression.

Headaches, that’s Why

One of my clients was talking to me about her son, eight years of age, who suffers with severe headaches from a trampoline accident. He landed on the back of his neck. Ouch! The headaches would get so bad, that he would have to be checked out from school. After working with her son for a few weeks, the pain and the headaches were completely gone.  And I had the joy of getting to know him.

Craniosacral and Kids

Another amazing type of massage for children (and great for adults) is called Craniosacral. This technique is also great with autism. By grounding and calming the child, it can help with their communication and sleep. I have had an experience while doing a Craniosacral on a boy who felt as if he could never relax and fall asleep. He fell asleep during the massage and woke up with a smile and told me he felt good. It made my heart fill up with being able to help him.

Teenagers get Stressed!

I also work on teenagers quite a bit. Not just because of sports, (which is what I see the most) but stress as well. We as adults often forget that teenagers, as well as small children, get stress. Stress wreaks havoc on the muscles, causing them to tighten and knots to form creating headaches. A time that is most beneficial for teenagers to get a massage is before finals. Not having to constantly feel so tight, helps them focus easier, which in turn, will give them a better grade.

Infant Massage

Infant massage is another type that isn’t well known. There is so much we can do to help our infants. My colleague had an experience of helping a two-month-old with a cold. She did Lymphatic drainage to clear her sinuses. I have a son, and when he was a baby he would get an upset tummy. After I would do abdominal massage, to relieve gas pains, it would be a night and day difference. He was my happy boy once again.

Infant massage is also an amazing way to bond with your baby. I have suggested that dads should massage their infants, but also adopting parents as well. Adopting is amazing and beautiful, but some parents have told me they have trouble bonding. The techniques of infant massage helped both baby and parents bond. And the infants thrive because of the healing touch.

What’s my Favorite?

One of my favorite things about working with kids, is not just helping their bodies as they grow, it’s the stories that they will tell me. One of my favorite moments was when a little girl told me that her mom wasn’t late because of traffic, but because she had to do her hair. These kids will make me laugh all throughout the massage. I can’t express, how much joy it is to work with them.

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them!

Stay healthy!

-Karlee Boston, LMT

Fibromyalgia & Massage

Fibromyalgia & Massage

The thought of touch can cause anxiety to someone with fibromyalgia. However, studies are showing that fibromyalgia & massage can be more closely connected than you thought. How can massage benefit those who suffer with this syndrome? Is there a certain type of massage that is more beneficial to reduce the chronic pain? We know you have questions, and we have the answers!

What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia syndrome affects the muscles and soft tissue. Symptoms include chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep problems, and painful tender points or trigger points. These symptoms can be relieved through medications, lifestyle changes, and stress management. This condition brings chronic pain that can’t be cured, only managed.

How can massage help?

Massage therapists trained in managing fibromyalgia, can be a person’s greatest ally. Light massage is typically used, and increased gradually over time. This reduces the inflammation around trigger points. This in turn, reduces pain throughout the body. It is recommended, that people who suffer with fibromyalgia, receive regular massages to maintain the progress. Since this condition has no cure, maintenance is key to reducing pain. One key point in helping those with fibromyalgia, is getting nightly deep sleep. This can be difficult as discomfort can prevent this from happening, and waking up tired is common. The goal is to keep the body comfortable and relaxed enough to sleep restfully at night. This can help with other symptoms during the day.

Trigger Point Therapy

When a massage therapist is trained in trigger point therapy, they have knowledge and understanding of the trigger points in the body. These painful trigger points can be deactivated using finger pressure. Once the points are found, and appropriate pressure is added, often discomfort is reduced and good outcomes are found.

Speak Up!

Remember the key to success in ANY massage is communication. You know best what your body needs. By talking to your massage therapist about your symptoms and pain, they can more easily bring relief and help to manage the discomfort. Make your first step on the road to living with less pain, schedule a massage today!



Pregnancy & Massage

Pregnancy & Massage

Feeling Pregnant?

Whether you are 6 weeks, 4 months, or past due on your pregnancy, I know how it is to “feel” pregnant. I have 3 kids, and know all about the roller coaster of pregnancy. Pregnancy comes with back pain, sleepless nights, sickness, and changes to your body that chances are… you weren’t warned about or prepared for. My first 2 pregnancies were quite similar, however, my third was different…here’s why…

All Because of Headaches

During my 2-3 month of pregnancy with my 3rd child, I started having terrible headaches. They woke me up at night, I felt like I had them all the time. I saw doctors, took medicine, and even visited the ER. I was desperate for relief. An x-ray showed the my bones in my c-spine (neck) were straightening. So, I started coming in to get therapeutic massages for my neck and head. It was AMAZING! After a few visits, my head started to feel SO much better! My massage therapist recommended I continue to come in during my pregnancy as there were several benefits. I can’t argue with that, so I kept coming each week during the remainder of my pregnancy. That was the best decision EVER!

Results Before & After

When I got massages each week it was wonderful. It was a chance for me to step away from my other 2 young children. It was a chance to relax, to heal the parts of me that felt like they were breaking, and to do something good for me. Plus, after each massage, I felt better! But, even more amazing than the results I received during each massage, were the results I experienced during labor & postpartum.  My labor was significantly shorter and baby got here faster. Plus, I was riding a bike 4 weeks after having a baby! I healed so much faster and felt SO much better, than after my first 2 babies. I could not believe the difference.

I am a believer!

I cannot recommend it more, for every pregnant mom to get regular pregnancy massages. It is worth the time, the money, and the effort. It will pay off, and your body with thank you!



Massage for Minors?

Massage For Minors?

Why would a child or teen need a massage? You would think that children don’t need massages…they don’t have stress, right? What could they have to relax from? Let’s talk about the benefits that minors receive from massage.

Massage Benefits for Minors?

Teens and children have growing and energetic bodies, but they also benefits from massage emotionally. Kids & teens are often very active, and as a result their muscles tighten and create trigger points (knots). Massage increases circulation and promotes healthy muscles and growth. Massage also boosts endorphins (happy boost), this can help with anxiety & depression that faces many young people. 

Client Experience

I had a client come in with her eight year old son, not knowing what to do. He hurt himself while playing around with friends, and was having constant headaches with extreme back pain. His mom had to check out of school as a result. He couldn’t do normal actives he enjoyed. His sleep suffered, and school studies decreased. I started working on the child’s back, helping the muscles that surrounded the spine to no longer pull his hips. This got rid of the intense lower back pain. I then worked on his neck and shoulders, and got rid of his headaches. He was back to his regular activities in just five weeks! He was able to sit through school, run with friends, play sports…the sky was the limit!

Play Hard, Heal Smart

But it’s not just playing  that can lead to injury, it can also be playing sports or musical instruments. Let’s take baseball as an example; throwing the ball can shorten the muscles, causing aches and pains in the child’s elbows and shoulders. Or running around the field, can cause lower back and hip pain. Not only can massage help to heal the body after injury or pain, it can PREVENT it from happening in the first place. 

Now let’s talk about why massages for kids who play instruments is beneficial.  Let’s look at a child who play the flute; the arms are in one static position, with little rest and decreased blood flow. Creating not just neck and shoulder pain, which includes headaches, but it will also create lower back pain as they have to sit up in a constant straight up position. But it’s not just the flute, it can be any instrument, like the violin and the piano. Practicing and performing for hours each week, leads to tension and pain. Massage can help the muscles learn to perform better in these situations. 

All in all, it’s healthy for minors to receive massage regularly, whether its maintenance and preventative, or it’s to solve muscular tension.

-Karlee Boston, LMT