Why I Chose Massage Therapy

Why Massage Therapy?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I became a Massage Therapist, and the simple answer is my love of helping people. I find one of the best ways to help a person better their life is through by helping their body to feel better. When a person is in pain, they are usually irritable and grumpy as a result. I can’t blame them. They are unable to have the freedom of doing what it is they would like to do.

Pain Slows Life…

I’ve many clients that come in who are runners, they have had to pull back because of the muscular discomfort they are feeling, which is frustrating to them. All they would like to do is go out and have a nice run, without the pain that is accompanying them. The joy I get from helping these clients go back to an activity they love, warms my heart. But it’s not just athletes that I get to work with. I see a lot of other people troubled with pains that can be spread all throughout the body. I love helping to eliminate headaches that debilitate people. Or freeing them of pain that hinders them from walking, or increasing their comfort when they work. Being able to help people for my career is absolutely indescribable.  

Why NOT massage therapy?!

Massage therapy brings such a wide range of options.  Massage therapist can specialize in numerous modalities and specialties. From the relaxing environment of a spa, and the therapeutic field of a clinic, to the exotic waters of a cruise ship! The option to work for a corporation or to work for yourself, is also a great benefit. Massage therapy is a wonderful career that brings fulfillment and enjoyment. I love the flexibility that it provides for my family, while still giving me to great opportunity to help others.

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain, let them know massage is a wonderful way to increase their quality of life.

Stay healthy!

Love, Karlee LMT