Client Testimonial- Massage is my game changer

Client Testimonial- Adrienne

This is the story of why massage is MY game changer. I started coming to see Karlee in the summer of 2017. I had hurt my back and wanted to fix the problem, not mask the problem with pain meds.  Karlee was able to help get me back on my feet.

Let’s tackle a long term problem!

I continue to go see Karlee for therapeutic massage because I have several problem areas and we are working on a goal! My situation may be unique. I had a lot of swelling with my first pregnancy 11 years ago, the fluid got trapped in my lymphatic system and stayed.  No doctor, or anyone else, could ever tell me what to do for the constant swelling in my legs and feet.  My legs and feet have hurt for many years, and I had given up on seeing ankles again.  Honestly, it was embarrassing to wear shorts and have people see my legs and ankles. I asked Karlee about it while she was working on my back. She said she could help! This was something that I was really exciting to hear. I had been searching for relief for YEARS. I started to believe that this was just what it was and there was nothing I could do about it. Then, Karlee gave me hope!  As she started on my legs and ankles, she had to work very slowly because they were so swollen. One day I came in and told her my legs had been feeling so heavy, I was really frustrated.  My legs were so heavy, they felt like they each weighed 100 pounds.  It took all of my effort to make it through the day. I could only do basic tasks.  It drained me!  That day she worked very aggressively on my legs and was able to move the blocked fluid out of my legs and the heavy feeling went away and hasn’t returned. It was truly a blessing for me.  I have six kids to chase around and I can’t afford to be kept down.

Massage is my game changer!

For me therapeutic massage is my game changer.  Without Karlee’s expert knowledge and care I would not be able to live my life like I want and need to.  I know that I have a long way to go to get out all of the fluid that is  suck in my legs, ankles and feet, but I am confident that in the end all of the pain and hard work will be worth it.  I would highly recommend trying Therapeutic massage.

 – Adrienne Nelson 

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