Communication is Key

Communication is Key

The Key

We massage therapists get a lot of questions, and we LOVE them! Honesty and trust is the key to a good relationship between massage therapist and client. This honesty is trust is gained through 2 way communication. Communication is key. If you have a question about your treatment plan, ask. If you have a question of what a particular muscle is doing, ask! You can never ask to many questions. I personally love when clients want to learn about what’s going on in their bodies.

Don’t Know What to Ask?

Asking the right question can be hard. If you feel your massage therapist spending a lot of time on one specific area, ask why. They will tell you what’s going on and how your muscle is responding. Another great question to ask is where they think you are in the treatment plan. Its always pays off to know your progress. My favorite question a client can ask me is about self-care! Ask them what more you can do to make your treatment more effective. They will give you stretches, exercises or possibly oils you can use.

What should you tell your massage therapist?

The first appointment is one of the most important ones!  This is the time to tell your massage therapist what your body feels daily. What pains you feel, what movements are difficult, what medication you are taking, if it’s for pain management. The biggest one to tell your massage therapist is what other medical conditions you may have! This includes diabetes, cancer, bulging or herniated discs, or any thing else. This is crucial because some conditions will affect the way we have to massage. Even if its embarrassing, be honest! Trust me, we hear it all. We are here to help.

Don’t be Afraid

It’s okay to be nervous to ask your massage therapist to work on a specific area, but don’t let it stop you. Don’t be afraid to tell them if the current treatment plan isn’t quite working. You can also ask questions over the phone. If you have a specific concern, ask the receptionist. The receptionists can either answer if they know, or they will grab a massage therapist to answer the question for you. You can even ask what massage therapist will best fit your needs. There are no bad questions.

If you want the best results for your body, communication is key!

We would love to hear questions that you have, comment below!

Stay healthy!

Karlee Boston, LMT