Depression & Massage

Depression & Massage

What is Depression?

In one of our last blogs we talked about anxiety, and how it felt. Now, let’s do the same with depression. It’s important to be able to identify the signs in yourself if you are worried about it. The range varies from person to person. But, it is a sadness so deep that you feel like you are in a hole. You don’t have an appetite, you can’t get out of bed, not that you don’t want to, but physically your body and mind won’t let you. It has been described as not feeling like yourself, or as you WANT to feel. You want to isolate yourself and feel like no one cares. There are many medical treatments that can help this and one great way, may surprise you…therapeutic massage. Let’s get into how these are related…depression & massage.

How it Works

It goes back to the body chemicals, same as we discussed with anxiety. Massaging the body muscles help release serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals help stabilize the body and mind. By releasing these chemicals, they can work together to help boost your mood, and drain those toxic chemicals from your system. Studies have shown that massage also helps depression by reducing pain. If you are not at your full potential because of any kind of pain, especially chronic pain, this can also cause depression. So, by getting a massage and starting the healing process is a great way to start getting back to normal; and can give a person a sense of self worth again. Massage therapists are also great listeners. Sometimes just talking to a willing ear helps as well.

Don’t Suffer Alone

If you are suffering from depression, whether it is clinical, situational, or seasonal depression, don’t go through it alone. Do some good to your body and a massage. Get those muscles and your body feeling better. Talk your therapist’ s ear off, even cry, if you need to. Just please don’t go through it alone. Find the healing for your body & mind, inside and out.

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