Does Food Affect Your Muscles?

Does Food Affect Your Muscles?

We all know that what you put in your body, definitely contributes what you get out of it. Even children learn the difference between healthy foods, and junk foods. We know that food affects stamina, weight, etc. The food choices you make even affect your vital organs, including: heart, digestive organs, and brain…just to name a few. So it would go without saying that food affects your muscles, right? But how can we know what foods to eat, and which ones to avoid? How can food & muscles work together for your benefit?

Toxins in the Muscles

During massage, toxins are released from your muscles. But, how do these toxins get there in the first place? There are several answers to this question. Including: Air, Water, Food, Drugs and tobacco, Household and personal care products, stress and negative emotions. Let’s talk about the toxins that are brought in by food.

Non- Friendly Foods for Muscles

We all know there are foods that we shouldn’t eat…they are normally the ones we crave and usually taste the best. In all honesty, sometimes the passion of dieting can come down to opinion over fact. But there are basic guidelines to follow to help your muscles feel their best.
     #1: Reduce Processed Foods: Foods that come in a can, or prepackaged box/bag often contain preservatives and artificial ingredients. Consider foods with natural and organic food sources.
     #2: Beware of sugar & artificial sweeteners: Reduce the amount of sweets in your diet and look for natural sources of sugar…like fruit!
     #3: Locally grown fruits & veggies: These are a good choice to ensure good quality nutrition. Great for meals and snacking!
     #4: Remember all things in moderation: We do not recommend extreme dieting. We recommend a balanced diet, and to watch what you put into your body.

Do Your Homework!

Know your food! Know what is best for your body. We are all so different, inside & out. Your body can feel better, and perform without pain holding you back. Share some of your diet expertise! What works for you, and what doesn’t? Have you mastered the relationship of food & muscles for yourself? And remember, toxin build up in the muscles is normal; regardless of what the source is. Schedule regular massage to get those toxins out of your muscles, and start feeling better!

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