What to Expect on Your 1st Visit

What to Expect on Your 1st Visit

Life is full on new experiences, and we have realized that you are never really done having “firsts” in life. We also know that life doesn’t often give you a book on how to get through these new tasks. But, we are here to break the rules! Let us tell you what to look forward to on your 1st visit to Nature’s Whisper Massage…

#1: Nerves

It is normal to be nervous on your first visit. Many of our clients have not had a massage before, and truly feel unsure of what questions to ask or what to do. The first thing to do is RELAX! We are here to help make you as calm and comfortable as possible. We will do all we can to help you leave feeling better than when you came!

#2: A Few Forms…

Another thing life teaches us, is that is often comes with paperwork. This is no different for us. We have you fill out a form, so we can better understand your body’s needs. This form communicates to us all we need to know, to help you get back to being your best self! We ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your first appointment to complete this form.

#3: Entering Massage Room

When your paperwork is complete, your therapist will introduce themselves to you. You will be taken back to your private massage room. The therapist will talk to you about your individual situation. You will be asked to undress as you feel comfortable and lie under the sheet and blanket provided. When you are ready the therapist will return and begin your massage.

#4: Focused Massage

We specialize in Therapeutic Massage. This means that we FOCUS on area(s) of your body that are causing pain, discomfort, loss of motion, etc. Our goal is to work the muscles in these areas to improve your quality of life. During this time, your therapist will also discuss a treatment plan that is designed for you.

#5: Check Out

After your massage, you will dress and return to the front desk. You will be asked if you would like to schedule another appointment. We recommend booking appointments, at least a week in advance to get the day/time that you desire. You will also pay for your massage at this time.

That’s it! We are here for any questions or concerns that you have along the way. Remember, we are here to help you feel comfortable and aid you on the road to feeling your best!