Habits To Develop NOW!

Habits To Develop NOW!

There are habits that we all would consider bad. On the flip side, what are some habits that are good for anyone to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit? There are three specific ones that we all hear quite often; drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, and exercise regularly. Let’s talk about why these are habits to develop.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Let’s start off with water. Water is very important for us to live. It is what helps the nutrients from food, get to where it needs to be. Without water, our blood pressure becomes higher; making it harder for our heart to pump blood. When our heart is working so hard, everything else in our body gets less oxygen. We all know where we would be with less oxygen. When you drink water, you are also more likely to have more energy, especially if you have a healthy diet. Plus, water coupled with massage is a match made in heaven! During massage, toxins are pushed out of your body. Drinking plenty of water flushes these toxins out of your body! Without water, the toxins will find a new home, and no progress is made.

Nutrition matters! Seriously!

Next Nutrition; having a great nutrition plan is very beneficial. Good nutrition means good digestion, healthy hair, more energy to go throughout the day, better muscle health, less cramping, stronger organs, and so much more! Many studies have shown that good nutrition has countless benefits. Ensuring your body has essential vitamins, minerals, and a balance of good food leads to a longer life, and a healthier one at that! Nutrition is definitely one of the good habits to develop.

“Run Forest, run!”

Exercise keeps your body healthy and strong.  Areas like your lungs and joints are directly benefited by regular exercise. Exercise looks different for all of us, we all know our limits. And chances are, we can all do better. Your daily tasks will be easier to do, and you will find you have energy for new tasks by increasing your amount of exercise. There are so many fun choices to select from: running, walking, biking, swimming, yoga, dancing, sports, and SO much more! We want to know, what do you do to stay active?


Our bodies are working hard 24/7 to keep us functioning and feeling good. Let’s do our best to help ourselves out! Water, nutrition & exercise are just a few steps toward that goal. Other things may include: deep breathing to center your mind, eating slower to help absorb nutrients, getting enough rest, finding time to work on your hobbies, and much more! It can be overwhelming to think of all the things we must do to take care of ourselves. Make small goals, and as you accomplish them, you will find more energy to do more things.

The way you take care of your body determines how long and in what condition your body will take care of you. So remember to always put your body, and what it deserves first!