Infrequently asked questions

Infrequently asked questions

We know you have these awkward questions…and we are here with the answers!

Our bodies are strange, and they do strange things during a massage. We thought it would be fun if we put Q & A’s to those questions all of us are too embarrassed to ask.

Q: I have hairy legs, do you get grossed out?

A: No, we don’t. Sometimes we don’t even notice. We use oil that helps us glide along the hair, so we don’t pull it all out. It nothing to be embarrassed about, everyone has hair!

Q: Do people fart?

A: Yes, they do, and it can be quite common when the body gets relaxed.

Q: Is it gross that my feet stink?

A: No, its not gross. If you think about it this way, everyone wears shoes and we can’t control the odors that tend to happen. We are still more than happy to work on feet as long as there are no infections.

Q: Do I take all my clothes off? Or do I keep my underwear on?

A: It’s totally and completely up to you. We always ask for clients to undress to their comfort levels. We do prefer no barriers so we can work on the muscle fully, but we can always work over the sheet. It’s what’s most comfortable for you.

Q: I’m all sweaty from a work out, can I still come in?

A: Yes, you can. We have towels that you can pat yourself down with, if you’re still sweaty. It can also be very beneficial to come in right after a workout because your muscles are warm already warmed up.

And finally…the one we are all wondering about…

Q: Why do I feel embarrassed when it comes to getting a massage?

A: This is a common question, that no one asks. It’s totally normal to feel uncomfortable before a massage. Massage Therapist’s understand the vulnerability of our profession and we do what we can so clients don’t feel uncomfortable. A massage therapist see the body as a group of muscles that need to be worked out, we don’t see things that clients could be embarrassed about, such as acne, hair, weight or anything else that may be embarrassing. Our goal is to help our clients to the best of our abilities. If there are certain things, like glute massage, that makes you nervous, communicate it to your Massage Therapist so they can meet your needs and you enjoy your massage.

If you have any other questions about massage that you would like answered, please comment below! I would love to answer and read your thoughts!

Stay healthy!

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