Let’s go shopping…for a massage therapist!

Did you know that every massage therapist is not for EVERYONE?

How can I know which therapist is right for me? This is a very interesting question! The body works in mysterious ways, especially with massage. Different massage therapists use different techniques that may or may not be compatible with every body. Some massage therapists choose a lighter and broader approach, while others like to use a deeper and targeted method, and that is just to name a few. Each technique is useful in different ways. The goal remains the same: to teach muscles proper placement, and heal the body of injury and pain. 

Some clients, such as those with Fibromyalgia, need a lighter and broader approach to not overwhelm their body. Same with clients after a car accident, the techniques used will be lighter so the body doesn’t get injured further as well as flush out the metabolic waste that comes with muscle tension. However,  an athlete would need a completely different approach. Every person is living a different life that is all there own. A good therapist will know what techniques will work best for each individual and circumstance to get the proper results, and the accurate self-care.

Feel free to shop around!

It’s very important to know what your body needs, in order to find a massage therapist that’s compatible with you. This is where “shopping” for a massage therapist comes into play. If you had a bad experience, don’t let it ruin massage for you. It could mean that the therapist you had didn’t work with your body, but there is one who will. As you discover what you are looking for in a therapist, speak up!

Another important part of ensuring that you LOVE your massage therapist is COMMUNICATION! If the pressure is quite right, or you need to readjust to be more comfortable, than say something. Your therapist WANTS to help you, but as awesome as massage therapists are, they cannot read your mind. 

At Nature’s Whisper Massage, we have a range of Massage Therapist’s that understand these different techniques and know how to utilize them for each client and their needs.