Love massages?

Love massages?

Here at Nature’s Whisper Massage, we LOVE helping our clients feel better. Whether it is back pain, chronic headaches, loss of range of motion, pregnancy discomfort, and SO MUCH MORE…we are here to help. Our therapists focus on target areas to improve your quality of life and reduce pain.

This blog is our place to dish out trade secrets to help you feel better. We will post tips, videos, answer questions…the sky is the limit! Check back frequently as we will post DISCOUNTS and FREEBIES towards your next massage!

Now it’s YOUR turn! Have something you would like to see answered here? We would LOVE to hear from you! Comment here on our blog, we are eager to help. Anyone that comments on this post with an idea for the blog, will receive $5 off their next massage!

We always deliver on our promises, here is our first tip for you…

You may need a massage if:

  1. You haven’t had one in a long time:

Massages are best when received on a regular basis. Most therapist would recommend receiving massages at least 1x a month to maintain good muscle health.

  1. You are an athlete or trying to strengthen your body:

When you are challenging your body, you should be treating your muscles. Our therapists can help keep you accident and injury free, to help your body perform at its best.

  1. You have any type of pain, or have lost range of motion:

Pain, and restricted movement are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Don’t ignore these signals. Manage and treat the problem at the source.

4. You haven’t been getting enough sleep:

When your body feels better with less tension, then you can sleep better. Sleep is vital to healing a body.

5. You are stressed:

Most of us feel stress at one time or another. But, there are times when we feel more stress than is good for our bodies. Getting a massage is a good way to increase endorphin’s (they make you happy), and decrease stress hormones.

So, in summary: getting a massage reduces your pain, increases your function and sleep, and eliminates stress. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make time for YOU, schedule a massage today!

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