Massage for Injury

Massage to Treat an Injury…?


Most people believe that massage for injuries isn’t a great idea, but it is actually very beneficial. Do you understand why? Well, let me explain! Massage is all about relaxing tight muscles and releasing stuck connective tissue that we call fascia (stuck fascia meaning “knots”). When we get knots, it pulls on the connective tissue around it. This causes the muscles to eventually get tight due to resistance in movement.


These facts help show how massage can help an injury. If someone has a knee injury it’s possible the injury occurred because of a tight muscle pulling on the joint. As this person went about his/her normal activities, let’s say soccer, that person is running and suddenly stops to kick the ball. Well, because a certain muscle was pulling more than the others on that joint, it pulls it too far to one side and causes one of his/her ligaments to tear or break because too much strain put upon it.


As this injury is healing that muscle is still pulling because of how tight it is, causing it to heal differently than it normally would if that muscle were relaxed. And this could cause future issues. If this person chooses to get massage, while it heals in the beginning, it would be more of a light touch massage, but still very important because in this stage the massage is called a Lymphatic massage. Lymphatic helps reduce the inflammation and helping the healing process to move along.


The second stage could be Therapeutic or myofascial massage. Myofascial helps to lessen the amount of stuck tissue, and Therapeutic helps lessen stuck tissue as well as get into those muscles causing the imbalance of the body thus helping the injury to heal more efficiently.


If you ask me, getting a massage while the injury is healing is quite a smart idea! It’s reducing pain, helping the healing process and reducing the chance for future issues! I’m sold! Not to mention, you are going to be more relaxed by the time you leave, making the healing process a little easier!