Massage For Kids

Child Massage, It’s a Thing

Why Kids?

It’s common knowledge that adults get and love massages, but what about children? Massage for kids is great, but not many people know how beneficial it can be for a child to get a massage. Not just teenagers, but infants as well. Kids, just like adults, get stress and muscle aches. By getting a massage, it helps their performance in school and sports, while also decreasing anxiety and depression.

Headaches, that’s Why

One of my clients was talking to me about her son, eight years of age, who suffers with severe headaches from a trampoline accident. He landed on the back of his neck. Ouch! The headaches would get so bad, that he would have to be checked out from school. After working with her son for a few weeks, the pain and the headaches were completely gone.  And I had the joy of getting to know him.

Craniosacral and Kids

Another amazing type of massage for children (and great for adults) is called Craniosacral. This technique is also great with autism. By grounding and calming the child, it can help with their communication and sleep. I have had an experience while doing a Craniosacral on a boy who felt as if he could never relax and fall asleep. He fell asleep during the massage and woke up with a smile and told me he felt good. It made my heart fill up with being able to help him.

Teenagers get Stressed!

I also work on teenagers quite a bit. Not just because of sports, (which is what I see the most) but stress as well. We as adults often forget that teenagers, as well as small children, get stress. Stress wreaks havoc on the muscles, causing them to tighten and knots to form creating headaches. A time that is most beneficial for teenagers to get a massage is before finals. Not having to constantly feel so tight, helps them focus easier, which in turn, will give them a better grade.

Infant Massage

Infant massage is another type that isn’t well known. There is so much we can do to help our infants. My colleague had an experience of helping a two-month-old with a cold. She did Lymphatic drainage to clear her sinuses. I have a son, and when he was a baby he would get an upset tummy. After I would do abdominal massage, to relieve gas pains, it would be a night and day difference. He was my happy boy once again.

Infant massage is also an amazing way to bond with your baby. I have suggested that dads should massage their infants, but also adopting parents as well. Adopting is amazing and beautiful, but some parents have told me they have trouble bonding. The techniques of infant massage helped both baby and parents bond. And the infants thrive because of the healing touch.

What’s my Favorite?

One of my favorite things about working with kids, is not just helping their bodies as they grow, it’s the stories that they will tell me. One of my favorite moments was when a little girl told me that her mom wasn’t late because of traffic, but because she had to do her hair. These kids will make me laugh all throughout the massage. I can’t express, how much joy it is to work with them.

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them!

Stay healthy!

-Karlee Boston, LMT

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