Massage for Minors?

Massage For Minors?

Why would a child or teen need a massage? You would think that children don’t need massages…they don’t have stress, right? What could they have to relax from? Let’s talk about the benefits that minors receive from massage.

Massage Benefits for Minors?

Teens and children have growing and energetic bodies, but they also benefits from massage emotionally. Kids & teens are often very active, and as a result their muscles tighten and create trigger points (knots). Massage increases circulation and promotes healthy muscles and growth. Massage also boosts endorphins (happy boost), this can help with anxiety & depression that faces many young people. 

Client Experience

I had a client come in with her eight year old son, not knowing what to do. He hurt himself while playing around with friends, and was having constant headaches with extreme back pain. His mom had to check out of school as a result. He couldn’t do normal actives he enjoyed. His sleep suffered, and school studies decreased. I started working on the child’s back, helping the muscles that surrounded the spine to no longer pull his hips. This got rid of the intense lower back pain. I then worked on his neck and shoulders, and got rid of his headaches. He was back to his regular activities in just five weeks! He was able to sit through school, run with friends, play sports…the sky was the limit!

Play Hard, Heal Smart

But it’s not just playing  that can lead to injury, it can also be playing sports or musical instruments. Let’s take baseball as an example; throwing the ball can shorten the muscles, causing aches and pains in the child’s elbows and shoulders. Or running around the field, can cause lower back and hip pain. Not only can massage help to heal the body after injury or pain, it can PREVENT it from happening in the first place. 

Now let’s talk about why massages for kids who play instruments is beneficial.  Let’s look at a child who play the flute; the arms are in one static position, with little rest and decreased blood flow. Creating not just neck and shoulder pain, which includes headaches, but it will also create lower back pain as they have to sit up in a constant straight up position. But it’s not just the flute, it can be any instrument, like the violin and the piano. Practicing and performing for hours each week, leads to tension and pain. Massage can help the muscles learn to perform better in these situations. 

All in all, it’s healthy for minors to receive massage regularly, whether its maintenance and preventative, or it’s to solve muscular tension.

-Karlee Boston, LMT

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