Now Included In EVERY Massage…

What Makes Us So Special?

We are a very unique clinic. We use a lot of different techniques in our massages to effectively help our clients. But its not just massage techniques we use, we go the extra mile. Now included in every massage: hot and cold therapy, essential oils, and our Massage Therapists are trained in teaching client personal care as well as taking continuing education. We use all of these together to give the clients the best treatment we possibly can.

Why Use Hot and Cold Therapy?

Using ice and heat is a well-known treatment used commonly for muscular pain. Using hot stones during a massage is not just relaxing and stress reducing, it has many other benefits as well. Studies show that it helps relieve chronic muscular pain, may help relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases such as Fibromyalgia, and even boost the immune system. Why ice? This technique is less common but super effective. We use ice as a way to help decrease inflammation in injured tissues and decrease pain. A perfect example of a chronic condition that would need this technique is Arthritis. Another example is, we had a client come in after knee surgery. Even after waiting six weeks, the clients knee was still inflamed. Our Massage Therapist used ice massage to help bring down the swelling and lessen the clients pain. If you have any questions or want this technique applied to your next massage, just ask your Massage Therapist. They will be more than happy to help.

Essential Oils

We all love Essential Oils (EO) and they have so many different benefits, that’s why they are called essential, right? There are many ways that EO’s could be used. They could be used for anxiety and depression, when you’re sick or trying to prevent getting sick, or for pain. At Nature’s Whisper Massage we commonly use them for pain and for clients who are sick. There is such a wide variety of EO’s that our Massage Therapists use. One of our many favorites is peppermint. This helps decrease inflammation and allows them to not overwork a strained muscle. Our Massage Therapists use their best judgement of what EO to use that best fits the client’s needs.

Continuing Education. It’s Important!

We at Nature’s Whisper Massage believe in the power of continuing education. We want only the best for our clients. In order to give our clients the best, we have to know as much as we can. We require our Massage Therapist’s to take courses of their choice. Our Massage Therapist, Karlee, is taking her specialized Prenatal course. Our 3rd Massage Therapist, Anne, is taking her specialized Fibromyalgia course. Both of these courses will benefit our clients. Our Goal Our main goal is to help our clients to the best of our abilities and help them heal. That is why we use all of the therapies we do. No matter what it is you need, we can help.