Stretching + Massage

Stretching + Massage= What a Combo!

What Are The Benefits of Stretching + Massage?

I wanted to see the benefits of stretching + massage and how it would affect lifting or exercising in general. Well, it comes down to this:

  • More flexibility and Range of motion to prevent injuries from strained or pulled muscles is always a plus in my book. When the muscles are warm, they are more pliable, making it easier to lift or do more. Massages work with stretching to get that range of motion back to where it needs to be to be at our best. Isn’t this fantastic?!
  • Better Blood Flow: Now who doesn’t want better circulation to prevent those pesky knots for better recovery and less pain. Massage will get the rest out that stretching will not. Those who are not so active during the day because they may have to sit at a computer all day will not feel as stiff. That is great news, right?
  • This is the Best part: Just a sense of well being or good for the soul! Massage and stretching those muscles out can reduce stress. What? Now who doesn’t want to be less stressed? The combo can even boost your immune system. In a study in an article in Live Science in 2010 it showed that a 45 min or longer massage increased the number of lymphocytes or white blood cells that fight diseases. Now that is something we all could use, right?!
  • Last but not least: Better sleep! I know I could definitely use a better night’s sleep. Most of us do not even get to the point of deep sleep. But what if you could? Your body starts to produce feelings of calm within 3 min into a massage. The better the sleep the better the performance at the gym or just life. Wouldn’t you say?

My Conclusion

I need to combine stretching + massage on a regular basis so that I may have better quality of life! And don’t forget to drink that water!

Vroqua King, Receptionist