The Importance of Touch

The Importance of Touch

What is touch?

Touch, it’s a great thing isn’t it? From a hug, a good firm handshake or a nice massage. Touch is a huge part of our lives. Moms give kisses to their children when they get hurt, your boss gives you a pat on the back after a successful review. Out of all 5 of our senses, physical touch is probably the least appreciated. Sometimes next to sight, hearing, tasting, and smelling…one might put touch at the bottom of stack. This is a mistake. Where would we be without physical touch? WHAT is the importance of touch? Let’s talk about it…

How can touch help?

Massage increases your sense of touch, this has been proven to help the body be healthier. Not only does a massage therapist help get out those nasty knots that have been bothering you for days. Massage also releases endorphin’s to help you be happy. Have you ever been sad and thought “I could use a hug” this scientifically can work because the brain responds positively and releases those endorphin’s making us feel better. This is only the tip of the ice berg.

Types of Touch

You may ask yourself what some ways to gain touch are? I mentioned a few above, the handshake, the pat on the back or a mother’s kiss. Touch can be summarized into two basic forms. One is discriminative touch. This is our bodies system of communicating the location, strength, and movement of touch. Next is emotional touch, this is feeling you get from touch such as hugs from a dear friend, the touch of a caring mother, and intimate touch. Therapeutic massage is a great way increase benefits of touch. By working through problem areas, and focusing on restoring the body to healing…our clients can FEEL better. They can more easily feel the joy of touch, and less of cringes of pain. Our therapists are trained in just that, touch; they’ve been trained to know the body and its specific needs.

Wrap it Up

Now if you are feeling like you need a hug don’t be afraid to hug the next person you see. Hold your significant other close for 30 seconds or longer (as rule of thumb from my mother in law) pat someone on the back to tell them good job. Listen to your body. Don’t ignore the communication your body is trying to send through your sense of touch, after all you don’t want to live without it!