There’s an oil for that!

Therapeutic Massage + DoTerra Oils= AWESOME!

Do you struggle with headaches, muscles aches, allergies, sleepless nights, depression, or anxiety? DoTerra oils can help with all of these problems and so many more! You can include Doterra oils as part of your massage for just $2! Oils are also available to purchase in sample sizes or regular bottles to help you at home.

Here are our favorite suggestions:

Use PEPPERMINT on your forehead and behind your neck for headaches

LEMON is great for cleaning and adding flavor to your water!

LAVENDER is great for helping you relax and fall asleep

BALANCE is great for calming and easing anxiety

ORANGE, and CITRUS BLISS are used as “happy” oils to uplift your mood.

When you have sore muscles, rub DEEP BLUE oil or lotion to ease the pain.

How do oils and massage relate? Beautifully! Our therapists know which oils to use to decrease pain and improve the performance of your body. They know where to apply the oils and can make recommendations for you to continue use at home. There are countless other uses for these and so many other oils! Come try them out at your next massage!