Want Motivation To Be Fit?

Want Motivation to be Fit?

Understanding the Stages of Fitness

Who doesn’t want to be fit, right? Especially with the new year coming soon, and all those resolutions around the corner. Although everyone are at different stages, understanding where you are will help you receive the motivation and self-control to become a regularly active person. Some people go through the stages, and sometimes even fall backwards at different amounts of time. If you can figure out which stage you are at you can understand and be motivated to get where you want to be. 

Stage One – The Couch Potato

If you are less active, you may spend very little amount of time on your feet and put the very minimal effort to get things done. You may say to yourself “I am inactive and I plan to stay that way” or “I just don’t think I will ever have the time and dedication to become fit” More than 40% of Adult Americans fit into this category, and 14% of American adolescents.

Stage Two- The Dreamer

The dreamer is the individual who hopes “One day, I will be fit” or “I think sometime, when the holidays are over, I will be hitting it back to the gym.” Although the amount of exercise the individual does is like the Couch potato, they have an invention, which can motivate them to the next stage.

Stage Three- The Mid-Stage Changer

The difference between the dreamer and the mid-stage changer is that they are now making plans that are not in the far future. They are planning when they will exercise and making a schedule.

Stage Four- The Fitness Newbie

Although they falter when they exercise, they do make the time to exercise and be physically fit. They may go and do sports with friends infrequently, but enough to still be active.

Stage Five- The Fitness Master

This person has a schedule and sticks to it. They reap the benefits of being physically active and are exercising on a regular basis.


Where am I on the stages of physical activity?

Where do I want to be?

Am I willing to make the changes and dedication to become physically fit?

What is stopping me from making those changes?

Reference: Fitness for life Charles B Corbin and Ruth Lindsey 2007 page 79