What is a focused massage?

What is a focused massage?

A focused massage, or a targeted massage, is a massage that focuses on 1-2 areas of the body, with deeper pressure to target trouble areas. Whereas a full body massage covers the whole body with lighter pressure.

Often, full body massage is used in a spa or relaxation setting. Focused massage is more likely to be used in a therapeutic or clinical setting. At Nature’s Whisper Massage we specialize in therapeutic massage. We target areas of the body that are causing problems, pain, and loss of range of motion. By using slower and stronger pressure, the massage therapist can get to deeper layers of muscle and tissue. This allows for the source of the problem to be found and treated, rather than just relaxation at the surface.

No Pain, no gain…?

We have all heard this saying before. In a focused massage it can be true. There can be discomfort when releasing toxins and tension from muscles that have been there for years. But don’t let this turn you away from massage. The relief that the body feels when that tension is gone is AMAZING! It is easy for a body to compensate for these tight muscles, but when it doesn’t have to any more, the results are undeniable. Getting focused massages regularly, improves the way your body functions.

Focused massages are also great for those who hold all their stress in certain areas. The neck and shoulders are common gathering places for knots and tension to hang out. Regularly working out that tension heals those areas and reduces your stress! Everyone has pain or discomfort at some point. Whether it is neck pain and headaches, leg pain from building running durability, or back pain from a car accident…when massage is used to really target these areas, the benefits are HUGE!

In summary, FOCUS on you! Get those problem areas feeling better, and then you will be singing the praises of a focused massage!

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