Where Did It All Begin?

Our Back Story

Where it All Began

Nature’s Whisper Massage was founded in February 2012 by the mother/daughter team of Amanda Stinger and Rebecca Sanborn. Together they developed a business that for years has strived to fulfill the communities need of healing. Nature’s Whisper Massage had its modest start in the front room of their house, and since its growth, they have moved their business to Kaysville, Utah. And now here we are, but the business continues to grow each year, allowing us to better reach the community by adding new members to our massage therapy team. It’s true that our back story led us to where we are today.

Our Name

The name Nature’s Whisper Massage comes from how therapeutic nature can be as a part of daily healing. Nature can help reduce stress, lower anxiety, and also improve blood pressure. We bring aspects of nature into our business through nature sounds and colors. We embrace our name in every way and the healing power of nature.

The Owners

Amanda graduated from Broadview University in 2011 with her associates in Massage Therapy. She then worked as a massage therapist for four years before starting her own business with her mom, Rebecca. Amanda has professional experience with chiropractors, physical therapists, and other massage therapists. She saw a great need for deeper and more focused massage work. “Massage has the ability to heal the body, but it is nearly impossible to find a massage therapist that could find and actually fix and improve the problem.” Until now.

What We do Today

Our massages are more focused on the specific needs of the client. We work tirelessly to do all within our power to bring the body to better balance. Our therapists work each year on continuing their education in a variety of techniques to better be able to serve our clients. Our massage therapy team has the ability to find the areas of tension in the body, and to release them. We also work to educate our clients on self-care to promote long term change in the body. Our business is focused on helping our clients and even as our business continues to grow, we will always keep that focus.

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