Why I DON’T Work at a Spa

Why I DON’T Work at a Spa…

There is nothing wrong with a good spa massage, to be able to relax while someone works on those tense muscles is amazing. Although spa massage is great, it’s not for me, and here’s why I DON’T work at a spa…

Fixing Problems at the SOURCE

I enjoy, and take pride, in physically changing a muscle that is contracted and wound up. Getting rid of knots and long- term relief, are a few reasons why I LOVE my job. That is something that spa massage doesn’t give. I love setting up a treatment plan and working with my clients to meet their health goals. My favorite moment is when one of my clients comes in and says “Karlee! I haven’t had a headache in the past three weeks!” When originally this client had constant migraines and headaches every day.

The ability to help someone who is in pain and suffering daily is what I live for. Therapeutic massage is all about what I can do for my clients, and how can I change their daily lives. How can I help them walk, or sit, without pain? It’s like a puzzle that I get to solve.  Sometimes I feel like a detective, listening to and feeling their muscles tell me what the problem could be, and solving the it by working specific areas, muscles and tendons.

Let’s Talk About YOU!

Another reason I chose Therapeutic massage, is to get to know my clients. Typically, a spa massage is less personal. There is not a lot of communication, and that is fine for that field. However, because therapeutic massage has treatment plans (not only is it a plan for the muscles, but a timeline for best & fastest path to healing) most of my clients talk. I get to know about their families, their day to day lives, how their day has been, and some of the stress that they are under. Opening up and talking while getting a massage is very beneficial. It allows the client to accept the stress in their life and release it. I believe that forming a true relationship between therapist and client, builds the trust needed to bring healing. It’s just another way that I can help my client.

My joy, and my life, is based around helping others, and that is why I don’t work at a spa.



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