You Are Only Hurting Yourself…

You Are Only Hurting Yourself…

Take it From Someone Who Does it too..

I am someone who every day does things to my muscles that make my therapist co-workers cringe. My muscles are stretched too far. I stretch them in ways that are not normal to the body. I do a lot of hanging from various apparatuses from the ceiling whether it be silks, hoops, or hammocks. Plus, I also do some contortion work. Now you may not do these things, but you can still be doing things during the day that are hurting your body or muscles. Let’s talk about how you could be hurting yourself, and things that can help.

How are we Hurting Ourselves Each Day?

I’m so glad you asked! The number one thing I’ve noticed is bad posture. This trains the muscles to sit in a way that they were not made to sit. It causes more tension on other muscles because they are overcompensating for your chosen posture. So, make sure that when you are sitting in a long meeting or at the computer studying; to sit up straight and roll those shoulders back.

Another way is just normal gym work out. The stuff I mentioned above is extreme. But, you can take your body to those extremes at the gym as well, by lifting weights or running on a treadmill. You need to make sure your form is proper and that you are doing only what your body can handle. The causes of soreness are from your muscles being pushed to their limits (sometimes even being damaged by going past your body’s limit). By starting slow, your body and muscles will rebuild themselves to be stronger and adapt to the new limits you are setting for them.

Again, these are only a couple of the more major ways people are hurting their muscles every day. Any activity we do each day will affect our body and muscles. We need to take special care on our part so that it does not effect our body’s in a negative way.

Stop the Hurt with Massage

When you massage a muscle, it is going to release lactic acid build up that is there and one of the reasons for your sore muscles. By massaging the muscles, it is going to release that lactic acid and help the stiffness and soreness. It also helps bring blood flow to the muscles which will help them heal from the minor tears and rips that they have experienced from either bad posture, working out, etc.

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